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Sometimes, I’d like…/ Parfois, je voudrais etre…

Sometimes, I’d like to be
a character in a book.

His words would be mine
in ink on paper

my words, neatly ordered
linear, dry, and fixed

but fluide, unpredictable

when someone reads me.
Parfois, je voudrais être
un personnage dans un livre.

Ses mots seraient les miens
en encre sur le papier

mes mots, bien arrangés
linéaires, secs, et fixés

mais fluides, imprévisibles
prenant vie

quand on me lit.

2009. Traduction: Françoise Parouty

2 Responses to “Sometimes, I’d like…/ Parfois, je voudrais etre…”

  1. Bob C Says:

    Great Job as always Sanford!

  2. Jordan Cain Says:


    For years I took a genuine interest in your word works as good friend. Always knowing you had mastered a craft all your own. Now I follow your new material as fan. You have reached a place few do. Many are so close to my heart I feel they mine & not yours, when in actuality, they are everyone’s. We are all you. This is something of great significance. A true contribution to American Art. I am beyond lucky to have had such insight into your creative process and watch masterpieces built & archived revisions become instant classics. Found poems? Genius. All my admiration to a wizard who allowed me to loiter behind the curtain for perhaps longer than he should have. Never to miss you read, as this is where you’re certain you are close to something quite remarkable. Its a cliche for a stage performer to be told to picture the audience naked – when you make your way to the microphone you rob us of our clothing as you undress us all we can’t help but see that we too are plain…and cold. Your friendship ties are strong as they come, loyal & giving, but nothing will outlast your work. Thank you for all you are. If life must be such a burden thank you for showing us the magic in each passing moment. You have worked hard to reach your prime, and because you’ve developed an art form all your own you will exist there for the duration of your career.
    At your disposal,

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